Eggs, The Overlooked Superfood For Wellbeing.

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Eggs, An Introduction

Eggs, in addition to being a superfood, are indispensable to preserving our health in many ways. In one tiny package, eggs can be adapted to many different cuisines and taste delicious. Are you familiar with the carton of eggs in your fridge, and what can it do for your fitness goals?

Here are some fun facts about eggshell color varying depending on the hen’s breed. It’s common for the eggshell to appear in different shades, including white, blue, green, or brown. Another fun fact you may or may not know is that the color of the yolk varies depending on the hen’s diet.

Another fun fact is the placement of eggs in the refrigerator. The side of the door is the warmest of the refrigerator. Avoid this area for egg storage. Store eggs in the fridge instead on the side to preserve freshness. Do you want to know more about the nutritional benefits of eggs for your fitness journey? Read on to learn more!

Artuz fitness Eggs, The Overlooked Superfood For Wellbeing. Pexels-Alison Burrell
Stock Photo: Pexels via Alison Burrell

Eggs for Weight Management and Fitness

Do you exercise? Then you know the importance of protein for a well-balanced diet.  After a training session, protein increases the size of the muscle and minimizes the damage caused to it.

Fitness enthusiasts require various nutrients, and these are in a single large chicken egg. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture nutrient database, each egg contains the following:

  • 28 grams of protein
  • 72 calories
  • 75 grams of fat and small quantities of vitamins and minerals
  • Eggs also have monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids and many more added benefits for muscle growth and recovery.
Artuz fitness Eggs, The Overlooked Superfood For Wellbeing.
Stock Photo: Pexels via energepic

In addition to containing a high amount of fat and protein, eggs are a good source of fiber, which is slower to digest. Foods high in fiber make you feel satisfied. Thus, it will be easier to maintain a lower-calorie diet in the long run. Eggs make an excellent choice for people who want to lose weight.

The National Institute of Health has found that most Americans consume less than the recommended choline, which may be because the body cannot produce enough choline. Choline is vital for fitness enthusiasts because our bloodstream depletes choline during exercise. Performance at the gym or athletic stage may decrease if you are deficient in choline.

For weight loss or fitness goals, protein supersedes artificially flavored or chemically enhanced protein shakes or proteins isolated from other sources. A well-balanced diet should include a more effective way of using protein. Carbs and protein are essential to replenish the body’s stored energy.

In Conclusion

A study titled International society of sports nutrition position stand: nutrient timing indicates that consuming protein within the first two hours after training aids in repairing and rebuilding muscle resulting from training. In other words, to maximize recovery, it is recommended to pair eggs with a source of good carbohydrates, for example, oatmeal or toast.

Artuz fitness Eggs, The Overlooked Superfood For Wellbeing. pexels-jane-doan-793785
Stock Photo: Pexels via Jane Doan
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