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I foster encouragement, support, and accountability and may lead to regular exercise and motivation.

Are you seeking guidance on maintaining a healthy diet and achieving your fitness goals? Receive top-notch nutritional advice and personalized meal structure to help you reach your desired results. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a healthier lifestyle with my tailored approach.

I strive to empower clients at all fitness levels to feel confident and comfortable by fostering a supportive and welcoming environment.

My wide selection of session programs caters to individuals with even the busiest schedules. You can still achieve your fitness goals even if you lead a hectic lifestyle.

Achieving your fitness goals requires dedication and hard work. My high-intensity fitness programs will challenge and push you to your limits. You’ll see how the results will be worth learning to stay motivated and focused. Together we can make your fitness goals a reality.

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Improve speed, explosiveness and multi-plane coordination, with our training drills. Animal Flow translates well into any sport or daily lifestyle. Improve flexibility, and balance, using your body weight.


Learn the multi-functional basics of Boxing, Capoeira and Muay Thai. These movements are incorporated in private session and group class and aid with strength development and movement.


Our fitness program includes drills to strengthening your core muscles which helps stabilize your body and support your spine. The benefits of having a strong core includes; good posture and avoiding back pain.


Artuz Fitness is a program for those looking to jump start a fitness goals or supplement an existing program. We combine plyometrics, strength training and martial arts basics.


Whether you’re interested in developing performance, weight loss or strength conditioning our lower body regimen will help you across any sport and/or daily activity.


Sculpt your arms, tone your chest, tone your back and build body strength with our upper body regiment that includes resistance, weights and calisthenics.





1 Hour Sessions 

A wide range of training styles, including HIIT, strength conditioning, cardio, martial arts, and more, to keep your workouts challenging and engaging.

Free Fitness Assessment

Personalized Training Program

Comprehensive Exercise and Postural Assessment

FitgoalX fitness tracking and goal-setting tool

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