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A little about me…

Ken is a native New Yorker, born and raised in The Bronx. As a young man, he took up Muay Thai Boxing, where he developed a great deal of interest in martial arts. Capoeira was his next pursuit in 2015. He always maintained an interest in fitness and MMA but only as a hobby.

Ken changed his career perspective only when he realized that having a 9-5 job wasn’t working for him. Having spent twenty years behind a desk in the non-profit sector, Ken decided to pursue an entrepreneurial path in the fitness industry.

Ken now has a thriving personal training business, which includes nutrition consultation and coaching. He has worked as a personal trainer at Blink Fitness for the past 3 years, gaining first-hand experience and knowledge on the fitness industry.

Ken is a podcaster, writer, husband, and dad with a passion for horror films, music, MMA, and electronic music. He has 9 cats and 1 ferret.

Certifications and Awards


  • American Red Cross CPR Certified  
  • Certified Animal Flow Level 1 Instructor 
  • NFPT Core Training Certification 
  • NFPT Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • TRX Certified Trainer
  • TA Certified Master Life Coach
  • Fully Insured

Notable  mentions:

Blink Fitness

  • Top 5 producing trainer in the Bronx region – March 2021
  • Top 4 producing trainer in the Bronx region – April 2021
My Stats:
4 Years Of Experience
Over 100 Clients Served
Goal Oriented Work Ethic


Push your limits with every session


Learn about your body type, diet, and strengths

Time BAsed Goals

Set your fitness mini goals within a timeline


Train your mind and body. Train for success


Recieve a customized training plan


Channel your focus on yourself! Mind+Body.


"Helping my client reach their fitness goals
and achieve success in health is my greatest reward."

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