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Our Focus

Private Sessions

Each training session is personalized with passion and professionalism. A  regiment build on strengthening areas of focus in body and mind. We offer plans that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Group Classes

Find a community support system with our group training sessions. Each session offers a fixed high-intensity strength and metabolic conditioning and athletic movement regiment. Success has evolved!

Online Session

Whether you’re located on the West Coast or abroad, at home or working late at the office our online exercise session is a convieninet dynamic to help you achieve your fitness success.


Exercise Overview


Improve speed, explosiveness and multi-plane coordination, with our training drills. This specific skills translate well into any sport and/or daily lifestyle. Improve foot speed, balance and refine your technique.

Combat Hybrid

Learn the multi-functional basics of Boxing, Capoeira and Muay Thai. These movements are incorporated in private session and group class and aid with strength development and movement.


Our fitness program includes drills to strengthening your core muscles which helps stabilize your body and support your spine. The benefits of having a strong core includes; good posture and avoiding back pain.

Goal Oriented

Artuz Fitness is a program for those looking to jump start a fitness goals or supplement an existing program. We combine plyometrics, strength training and martial arts basics.

Lower Body

Whether you’re interested in developing performance, weight loss or strength conditioning our lower body regimen will help you across any sport and/or daily activity.

Upper Body

Sculpt your arms, tone your chest, tone your back and build body strength with our upper body regiment that includes resistance, weights and calisthenics.


Artuz Fitness

Action Intensive

Push your limits with every session


Know your body composition, weaknesses and strengths

Free Consultation

Relay your fitness goals, health, timeline and activity level

Goal Orientation

Train your mind and body. Train for success

Tailored Training

You’ll recieve a custom plan for one on one training sessions


Channel your focus where it needs to be, on yourself! Mind+Body.


From our consultation and assessment you’ll gain an understanding of your body strengths and weaknesses thus helping you get the most out of my regiment. Every session nourishes your body and mind, in unison. Achieve healthier form by adapting positivity and confidence as you reach goals.
  • Challanges
  • Coaching / Motivation
  • Educated Skillset
  • Goal Setting
  • Positive Mindset
  • Support System


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