5 Mindset Methods For Fitness Success

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Mindset Method 5: Set a Schedule

Before diving into your fitness journey the first thing you’d need to do is to dedicate that crucial timeframe for yourself and your fitness journey. Life is fast, and it can be hectic, juggling work, school, family, or any combination of the aforementioned can be stressful. It’s no wonder why many give up on their fitness goals prematurely and opt with the excuse of “there is no time” or “I have no time”. Are you a morning, afternoon, or evening person?

Where do you see yourself dedicating thirty (30) to forty-five (45) minutes every other day to exercise and/or meditate? For the parents in the audience, come up with clever ways to include your kids in your fitness routine. Not only will you get to complete your goals, but you’re also setting an example for your children to follow. Once you find the time for yourself, try to expand your fitness journey to five ( 5 ) days a week.

Artuz Fitness 5 Mindset Methods For Fitness Success
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Mindset Method 4: Visualization

Have you heard of the term “mind over matter”? Fitness is part mental and part physical without the mental fortitude it would be impossible to get past that last set of reps or run that extra mile. The same concept applies before committing yourself to your fitness journey. I’m not referring to a new age theory but actual science. Visualization or cognitive imagery plays an integral role in sports science. Over the years, countless studies delved into the subject of mental imagery to improve performance on the field, court, or combat arena. Visualize yourself completing a 5-mile run, and picture the surroundings, and what do you see or hear?

Are you apprehensive about your upper body strength? Try visualizing yourself doing ten (10), or twenty (20) push-ups. Each mental exercise must be as real as possible and performed daily to strengthen your mindset and ensure positive results in your fitness journey.

“…As in the realm of physical skills, psychological-skills practice effects positive change only after an extensive investment of time”

(Weinberg & Williams, 2001)

“Cognitive rehearsal of a task in the absence of overt physical movement”.

Driskell, J. E., Copper, C., & Moran, A. (1994). Does mental practice enhance performance? A meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 79, 481–492
Artuz Fitness 5 Mindset Methods For Fitness Success
Photo Credit Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Mindset Method 3: Reward Yourself

You’ve completed a grueling set and/or conquered a mini-fitness goal. Now what? This is where the power of self-reward comes into play. Whether it is a gold star for completing a homework assignment, obtaining a trophy during your gaming session, or getting that bonus for a job well done, we’ve all experienced a reward system in one form or another. Adopt a similar design to the development of your fitness goals.

Motivation is key, and as the demands and challenges increase, you’ll need to find new and clever ways to congratulate yourself for your accomplishments. Remember also to celebrate small victories. Keep this in mind. However, your reward should be a treat, not a gateway to cheating. Save the pizza and burgers for your cheat day. Healthier examples are relaxing at your favorite park or purchasing your favorite smoothie or bubble tea. When choosing your reward, opt for something gratifying and motivating for your health and wellness.

“This is a journey — a hard one — and the only way to make it sustainable and bearable is if you actually acknowledge your small successes along the way.”

Tech.Co co-founder Frank Gruber
Artuz Fitness 5 Mindset Methods For Fitness Success
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Mindset Method 2: Focus

Compile a soundtrack to listen to during your training sessions. Find a quiet space at home to meditate. Turn off your mobile device during exercise. Have a set of affirmations ready to get you through your exercises. These are ways to improve your mindset and help you stay focused during your fitness time. A lack of focus will result in distractions on mindless things and/or occurrences, leading to procrastination. Put your mind and body on “do not disturb.”

If disconnecting from your mobile device is impossible, try setting five ( 5 ) extra seconds during your water break to check messages. Don’t linger texting or replying to emails. Once the time is up, return to the important task, yourself.

Artuz Fitness 5 Mindset Methods For Fitness Success
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Mindset Method 1: Listen to your body

Always be in tune with what your body is telling you. Know the difference between pain and discomfort. Soreness and fatigue are common when engaging in physical activities. Pain should not be taken lightly as it is a sign of a problematic area that needs attention. During exercise, be attentive to proper form, posture, and technique(s). Concentrate on using the target area you’re working on. The biggest mistake is transferring power to one another area of the body to compensate for the completion of the move. Your body needs to be moving efficiently and at its peak without complications.

Be sure to breathe and maintain a breathing rhythm during your exercise session. For resistance exercises, you’ll want to breathe in when lowering the weight and breath out when engaging the weight. During cardio, fix your breathing on your footwork.

Artuz Fitness mindset Methods For Fitness Success
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In Closing

Focusing on your fitness journey requires your attention while also engaging in a battle with a busy schedule filled with important and mundane challenges. Here are five ( 5 ) mindset methods you may adapt to help you succeed on a new you. What are some mindset methods that have helped you with your fitness goals? Feel free to add it and/or comment below.

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