Master Capoeira and Unleash Your Inner Warrior!

My capoeira classes combine martial arts, cardio, and strength conditioning and are designed to challenge your body and mind. Discover a unique skill set that will give you both a physical and a mental edge.


Get fit, have fun, and learn Capoeira.

Next level Training!

Gain confidence, strength and control as you learn the intricate movements of Capoeira and take your fitness to the next level with my unique
cardiovascular, strength and conditioning program.

Oasis Adult Social Day Care
60 East 191st Bronx, NY 10468
(Between Creston / Morris Ave)

Classes meet every Wednesday and Saturdays.

  • Wed 3:00 PM to 4:20 PM
  • Sat 12:00 PM to 1:20 PM

The Benefits

artuz fitness capoeira classes

Cardio Training

My dynamic Capoeira classes will increase your heart rate and give you intense, full-body conditioning.

artuz fitness capoeira classes

Build Core Strength

Develop coordination, agility, core strength, gain confidence and stay in shape!

Strength Conditioning

Improve your strength, coordination, and mobility while discovering the impressive power of your own body.

Learn Self Defense

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones with the knowledge and skills of Capoeira.

artuz fitness capoeira classes

Fun and Engaging

My classes are designed to ensure every student have fun while accomplishing fitness goals, and overcoming challenges.

artuz fitness capoeira classes

Intensive Training for All Levels

My Capoeira classes are designed to teach students of all levels, including beginners, the basics of Capoeira, advanced skills, and building fitness goals.


What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, music, and acrobatics. It had its roots in the 16th century when African slaves were brought to Brazil to work on sugar cane plantations.

The slaves were not allowed to practice their cultural traditions, including their martial arts, so they disguised their training as a dance, which they called “Capoeira.”

The dance evolved into a full-fledged martial art with its unique movements, rhythms, and songs. Over time, capoeira became a symbol of resistance and cultural identity for Afro-Brazilians.

Despite being banned for many years, capoeira survived and eventually gained recognition and acceptance, and now it is known and practiced worldwide.


Registration and FAQS

Register today!

To register for capoeira classes, select your investment option and pay using a credit or debit card.

Following payment, you must complete the Release and Waiver of Liability form. This form acknowledges that you understand the physical demands of the class and release the studio and instructor from any liability for any injury you may incur while participating in capoeira classes.

To attend your first class, you MUST have a completed form.

Upon completing the payment and waiver forms, your registration for capoeira classes is complete, and you are ready to begin training.


Registration for capoeira classes is primarialy done online. Choose your payment option and complete the release and waiver liability form prior to attending your first class.

Capoeira classes are suitable for people of all levels of fitness. No prior experience is required, and classes are designed to accommodate students of different abilities.

There are typically no age restrictions for capoeira classes, and classes are designed for people of all ages. The minimum age requirement for our classes is 16 years old.

Wear comfortable athletic clothing to capoeira class. It is also acceptable to wear loose athletic clothing. There will be no shoes allowed during practice. 

No special equipment is required for capoeira class. 

We only have private chaging areas but no showers. 

The length of the capoeira classes are about an hour, fifteen minutes in duration.

A typical capoeira class will start with a warm-ups, followed by training in various capoeira movements, and then culminate in a “roda,” a musical performance in which students demonstrate their skills in a group setting. 

before beginning any fitness activity always consult your physisican before enrollment. Capoeira classes are safe and are taught by a certified physical trainer. Students should always follow the guidelines and instructions of the instructor and inform the instructor of any injuries or limitations.

Choose your plan

Introductory Price

Each Session
$ 15 First Month Only

Pay as you go

Each Session
$ 20 After first Month

Unlimited Classes

One Month
$ 120 1 Month Expiration

Unlimited Classes

Two Months
$ 320 2 Month Expiration

Release and Waiver of Liability form