Prospect Objections 1: Dealing With Hesitant Buyers

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Prospect Objections, The Intro

Prospect Objections, let’s dive in. I work at a local gym where I am required to gain a quota of clients monthly. In addition, I must have a high conversion rate when converting prospects into clients. Many, if not all, personal trainers find themselves in a similar position where they must find new clients, and that indicates converting prospects into paying clients.

There is no doubt that the fitness industry is a sales industry, and there can be a lot of challenges associated when interacting with hesitant prospects. Some potential customers are interested in your product or service, but they tend to give vague or non-committal responses when deciding. I will summarize what I have learned from my sales training and experience with prospect objections within my three-part Prospect Objections business articles.

Let’s begin with part one….

The following are a few strategies for dealing with hesitant prospects and responding to some of the most common excuses that hesitant prospects may provide.

Artuz Fitness Prospect Objections 1: Dealing With Hesitant Buyers
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Prospect Objections: “I’ll think about it.”

The reply is one of the most common objections used to avoid purchasing. If you find it frustrating, you’re not alone. “I’ll think about it” doesn’t indicate whether the prospect wants to work with you or buy your product. This opportunity is an excellent avenue to give the prospect a sense of urgency. What is preventing the candidate from deciding? Does the lack of information about your product or service prevent the potential buyer from buying?

To close the sale, ask more probing questions about their fitness goals and address how you can help them achieve these objectives.

  • Remind them that saying “I’ll think about it.” is simply another form of procrastination.
  • Suppose you’d like to gain their attention. Consider sending them additional materials such as your website, blog articles, exercises, and e-book. These materials will help them see the significance of your offer and motivate them to make purchases.
Artuz Fitness Prospect Objections 1: Dealing With Hesitant Buyers
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Prospect Objections: “I need to talk to my spouse/partner first.”

Prospects may raise this objection when they are interested in what you offer but need approval from someone else. If you want to respond effectively, ask for an opportunity to have a conference call with yourself, the prospect, and the decision-maker. Talking openly with the decision-maker will allow you to address any concerns they may have. You can also address any candidate’s concerns and explain how your training can benefit their health and fitness goals.

Artuz Fitness Prospect Objections 1: Dealing With Hesitant Buyers
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Prospect Objections: “I have to check my budget.”

This reply is all too common and may express if the prospect is unsure whether your product or service is right for them or they need assistance with affordability. To make your proposal effective, ask the candidate for an idea of their budget so you can tailor it to their needs. It is also a good idea to discuss financing options or payment plans that are more affordable for them.

Consider the case of a prospect who wishes to lose weight but is hesitant due to budget restrictions. In that case, you can:

  • Ask for their budget and provide them with options that fit within that budget.
  • Discuss financing options such as leasing or a payment plan.
  • Be flexible and accommodating to their budget to increase the chances of closing the sale.
Artuz Fitness Objections 1: Dealing With Hesitant Buyers
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The “I’ll get back to you.” Objection

Whenever a prospect hesitates, they may reply with, “I’ll get back to you.” Potential clients still determine whether they want to use your product or service. To respond effectively, ask them when they expect to make a decision and follow up with them. Contact them; either they commit or decline the opportunity with a follow-up response. For example, if a prospect expresses interest in your service but says they’ll get back to you, you can follow up with them a few days later and ask if they have decided. By being consistent with follow-ups, you increase the chances of closing the deal.

In conclusion

Achieving specific goals can be challenging when you’re dealing with uncertain prospects. It is still possible to increase your chances of closing a sale by understanding some of the prospect’s most common excuses. Ensure you remain persistent, patient, and always willing to provide additional information to assist them. Additionally, address their concerns precisely, whether related to budget issues, timing, or any unique obstacles. Sales will more likely occur if you understand and address their specific needs.

Artuz Fitness Dealing With Hesitant Buyers
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