Morning sessions, including martial arts, cardio, stretching, and strength conditioning. Designed to challenge your body and mind. Discover a unique skill set that will give you both a physical and a mental edge.

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Artuz Fitness Cool Down Master the Art of Post-Fitness Recovery

What to expect

In the morning sessions, the exercises range from yoga poses to strengthening exercises for the legs, glutes, upper body, and core. My morning fitness sessions are strategically crafted to push your abilities to the limit.


60 Minutes

What to bring

Yoga mat, Towel 

Heart monitor (optional)

Group Size

25 Participants


Sunrise Salutations

A training session that helps you stretch and unwind while also building strength and flexibility.

Intensity level
Beginner - Intermediate

Morning Energizer

A high-intensity session designed to wake up your body and get your heart pumping for a productive day ahead.

Intensity level
Strength Conditioning

Registration and FAQS

To attend your first class, you MUST:

  1. Pay for your selected classes
  2. Complete the Release and Waiver of Liability form. 

Upon completing the payment and waiver forms, your class registration is complete, and you are ready to begin training.

Registration is primarily done online. Choose your payment option and complete the release and waiver liability form before attending your first class.

Classes are suitable for people of all levels of fitness. No prior experience is required, and classes are designed to accommodate participants of different abilities.

The minimum age requirement to participate is 18 years old.

Wear comfortable athletic clothing to class. There will be no shoes allowed during practice. 

We have private unisex chaging areas but no showers. 

Oasis Adult Social Day Care

60 E 191st Street Bronx NYC 10468

Choose your plan

pay as you go

Each Session
$ 15 First Month Only

Unlimited Classes

One Month
$ 190 1 Month Expiration

Unlimited Classes

Two Months
$ 340 2 Month Expiration

Release and Waiver of Liability form