On The Trail Of UFOs: Dark Sky, Investigates Virginia In Breedlove’s New Documentary

By Ken Artuz

By Ken Artuz


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On The Trail Of UFOs: Dark Sky  Film Review

On The Trail Of UFOs: Dark Sky Details:


Release Date:  August 3, 2021

Release Format: iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and FandangoNOW.

MPAA Rating:  N/A

Genre:  Documentary

Running Time: 1hr 25 min

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On The Trail of UFOs: Dark Skies 

The Overview: 

There has been widespread conversation about UFOs in the media and publications for over seventy (70) years. Currently, there are hundreds of documentaries on the subject, and don’t forget the many “reality shows” and conventions appealing to curiosity and interest on UFOs. In June 2021, the US government released a report on what is now known as UAPs (Unidentified aerial phenomena).

To disclose their findings of unexplained objects entering sensitive airspace, the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) made available this preliminary assessment. Although the report made little attempt to prove extraterrestrials are piloting advanced aircrafts, it did prove what some UFO researchers have already claimed for some time, namely that the United States government is aware of UFOS.

Artuz Fitness On The Trail Of UFOs

On The Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky   

Technical Impressions 

The narrative and case studies in On The Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky is provided by Shannon LeGro, author, researcher, and podcast host. In a field known mostly for male-centric UFO films, it’s exciting to see a female at the forefront of Breedlove’s documentary. With calm and eloquence, LeGro presents and conducts each segmented case. In other words, the viewer will not be overwhelmed with Bagan-esque antics to generate excitement.

Rather than involving prominent cases, the cases presented lie within small towns and areas within Virginia. Breedlove’s focus on lesser-known UFO cases gives viewers an insight into the reality of less sensationalized cases.

The documentary format of On The Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky follows a standard format, using interviews, backstories, and reenactments to further tell the stories. Breedlove provides value and entertainment in this small-scale production. 

Originality / Redefining:
Performances/ Narration
Artuz Fitness On The Trail Of UFOs

A brief, informative, and eye-opening look at UFOlogy is presented in On The Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky. As an ardent fan of the genre, I have to admit Breedlove did present cases I wasn’t familiar with.

Although, the theoretical connection with local lore led me to question if Breedlove created this film strictly for entertainment. The hypothesis presented seems too far-fetched to be real. Obviously, we’re talking about the unknown, which means anything’s possible. To that end, Breedlove succeeds in provoking a debate on UFOs and their relation to local folklore.

As evidenced by On The Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky, Breedlove is a highly skilled visual storyteller. The field recordings were cinematographically interesting and handheld. The B-shots seamlessly transition between scenes, which is a work of magic by the editors.

Special Effects
Entertaining / Informative

Personally, the music score featured On The Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky felt campy and did not accompany the serious nature of the documentary. A better music choice could have had more emotional context.

The CGI reenactments although necessary were satisfactory. I prefer actual UFO footage but this preference applies to all documentaries on the subject of UFOs.  Of course, art is subjective and what may appeal to some may not appeal to others. 

In Conclusion  

On The Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky is part of a growing, comprehensive database on UFOlogy, which Breedlove contributes to. The result is a film that proves to be not only noteworthy, but also valuable for its creative merit, entertainment value, and detailed research.

On The Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky may not have provided a bombshell report or compelling new footage but is focused on a specific outline, and the project team did a great job executing it.

On The Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky is an investigative documentary that sparks conversation, intrigue and raises more questions than answers.

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