Group Training Overview

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Group Sessions

Train, get healthy, and network all in one setting!
  • Get fit in a community setting
  • Great for those looking for a training support system
  • Technical total body workout
  • Test your mind and body
  • Variety, No two classes are the same

Artuz Fitness group classes is a calorie burning metabolic workout combining high intensity cardiovascular and strength conditioning focused exercises. Motivated yourself in a group setting, work with partners and push each other towards success.


One-on-one attention to achieve your goals
  • Access to private web portal to group class schedule 
  • Access to workout tracking via private Google Docs and Sheets
  • Circuit style interval training
  • Five rounds featuring cardio-driven exercises
  • High intensity session to burn calories
  • Small classes equals learning proper form and technique
  • Strength and cardio conditioning

Most people join a gym with no goal or plan of attack. They favor treadmills and stationary bikes as the go-to source for cardio. Where is the mental and physical challenge in that scenario?

Are you interested in a challenging exercise regiment? If a support system environment the choice for you then my group classes has you covered (in sweat). Each session will help you get a jump start to the new you by offering exercises designed to isolate specific areas of the body. This class is open to beginners to intermediate levels.

Group Session Prices

10% discount for first responders and military (active-duty and veterans)


Limited Availability | Dates Vary

$40 / 1 hour

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Includes a body / balance assessment and a full body exercise circuit.


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