Behemoth: VFX Artist To Release Debut Film on August 27th.

By Ken Artuz

By Ken Artuz


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Behemoth, Horror Visuals Take Center Stage In Feature Debut

Behemoth Film Details 



Release Date: Friday, August 27th, 2021

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 88 minutes


A desperate father will risk anything, even his soul, to save his terminally ill daughter

Artuz Fitness Peter Szewczyk Derrick Ligas Behemoth

Behemoth, Blockbuster Visuals, Indie Budget

Historically, horror genre cinema has been used as a form of commentary on current issues, politics, and society in general. Another example can be seen in the forthcoming film, Behemoth, written by Derrick Ligas and Peter Szewczyk.

In Szewczyk’s upcoming film, deeper psychological issues such as guilt, trauma, and desperation are explored. It is a supernatural thriller, but there is something different about Behemoth. The film’s impressive visual effects are its key selling point.

Behemoth is the directorial debut of veteran visual effects artist, Peter Szewczyk.

Artuz Fitness Peter Szewczyk Derrick Ligas Behemoth

Despite the odds, our tiny crew of seven misfits, created a wild film with just $65,000, that we're pretty damn proud of.

Peter Szewczyk Behemoth Director, Co-Writer
Artuz Fitness Peter Szewczyk Derrick Ligas Behemoth

CGI or not to CGI, that is the question. 

Horror movie enthusiasts are divided when it comes to computer-generated effects versus practical effects. However, a lack of attention to detail in either practical effects or computer-generated imagery (CGI) can ruin an otherwise good film. 

The trailer captures the viewer’s attention through its well-balanced visuals. The trailer provides enough value to raise attention on what the film may offer.

Artuz Fitness Peter Szewczyk Derrick Ligas Behemoth

My producing partner and I, set out to make a feature that would rely solely on resources that we knew we already had.

Peter Szewczyk Behemoth Director, Co-Writer

A crucial aspect of  Szewczyk’s film is its plot. A story centered around the actions of a desperate protagonist in the face of dire circumstances. Behemoth tells a tale that is undoubtedly reminiscent of life as the production’s back story is quite captivating.

In spite of the innovative creature concepts and effects the film’s production cost was only sixty-five thousand dollars ($65,000) and a crew of seven (7) were involved.

Behemoth opens on digital platforms on Friday, August 27th, 2021. Stay tuned to Artuz Fitness and our podcast DecayMag for upcoming news on Peter Szewczyk directorial debut.

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