Spot Reduction debunked

Spot reduction describes localized extra-muscular fat loss. The legs, arms, and waistline are common areas for spot reduction. Advertisements for the latest diet product or fitness push the fraudulent notion that spot reduction is possible. Despite the claims made by the run of the mill fitness “experts”, supplements and/or fitness products it is not possible to lose fat in targeted areas.

There are several factors as to why a person may have an uneven fat distribution. The predominant reasons are our genetics and/or age. Males and females also differ with localized extra-muscular fat. Post-pregnancy and/or hormonal changes may attribute to uneven fat distribution in women. A poor diet is a common reason for excess fat in males.

No two persons are alike, therefore one person may have more localized extra-muscular fat in some areas in comparison with others. Don’t create false illusions of desiring a body type you’re not designed to be. This, however, is a topic for a different article.

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Spot Reduction? More Calories to weight loss

If spot reduction is not possible how can we get rid of overall stubborn fatty areas?

The answer is to eat more. It sounds counterproductive but there is a reason for having a well-structured diet to lose weight. To clarify, the use of the term “diet” signifies what we consume rather than its misused label alluding to weight loss. Our bodies are designed for survival using fat as the most efficient source of energy. Therefore not meeting your daily caloric intake will force your body to place fat reserves at places you may not want it to be. This is why it is important to keep your metabolism running.

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A common mistake for beginner weight loss clients is not eating enough food after an exercise session. It’s important to replace lost calories after intense activity. Failure to do so will confuse your body into being in starvation mode therefore fat will be stored, not lost. Replenishing lost calories also spares your body from cannibalizing muscles and committing to creating surplus fat stores.

Our bodies expend energy during digestion. This complex process increases metabolism. Eating small health-conscious meals helps keep our metabolism running while eating large meals at irregular intervals slows down our metabolism. To sum, a slow metabolism will not help you with your weight loss goals while a fast metabolism is beneficial.

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Spot reduction? Resistance training a key to success.

An exercise program primarily focused on resistance training with a moderate set of aerobic exercises is the second component to reduce overall body fat. Remember eliminating localized fat loss is not possible. Performing hundreds of push-ups or tricep curls will condition muscles but it will remain hidden beneath a layer of fat. Instead of using a localized fat loss exercise program try to target a different body part across several days of the week. A total body circuit with an emphasis of twenty to twenty-five (20-25) repetitions for forty-five to ninety (45-90) minutes is the recipe for successful fat burn conversion. To delve deeper, the circuit should include the basics of pulling, pushing, lunging, and squatting. You should conduct three (3) sets per category, twenty-five (20-25) repetitions each set.

Resistance training will convert the fat reserves into energy and develop/keep muscle tissue. The keys to fat loss success are resistance training and a structured diet.

In conclusion

In this article, we learned about spot reduction. Localized extra-muscular fat loss is more of a marketing scheme than fact. Be on the lookout for the key phrase “for best results” with any product or supplement that promises to offer spot reduction. In many cases, a disclaimer would state that an accompanying exercise program and diet would help with the results of the product or supplement. In other words, the product or supplement is not providing the benefit, it is the exercise and diet that is offering positive results.

You’ll need two factors to work in your favor to reduce overall body fat. First and foremost is nutrition, a structured diet where you’d eat less and more ofter to keep your metabolism primed. Next, you’ll need to create a program that combines aerobics and resistance exercises with emphasis on the latter.